Frequently Asked Questions

When will my interview be?

Check the menu ‘I’ve been selected, what’s next?’.


Can I unlock my DS260 form if I made a mistake?

Yes, check the menu ‘DS260’.


When will I receive my second notification letter?

Keep an eye on the Visa Bulletin. When your Case Number becomes current, you can expect your second notifcation soon. Usually 1 month before your interview.


Do I need a sponsor?

This differs per country. Try to find out if this is a hard demand your you. Usually you can use a sponsor, that fills out the I-134 form OR prove that you won’t become a public charge by showing a bank statement with enough money on it that will cover you family’s life expenses for at least 3 months or a job offer.


Does the sponsor have to be the same person I filled living on the address I receive my green card on?



When do I have to move to the States?

Within 6 months after your interview you have to start the immigration process by entering the States. You can go back after that, but not longer than 1 year!


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