I’ve been selected, what’s next?

You can check if you’ve been selected usually on May 1st at this website: https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ 

If you log in and see that you’ve not been selected, that’s too bad, but you can try again next year!

If you have been selected you see a letter stating you’ve been selected and you see you Case Number (CN).

That number looks like this: 201XEUXXXXXXX. The first number is of the Fiscal Year (FY) that you won in. The 2 letters are for the region you won in. So for people from Europe it’s EU, from Africa AF, Asia AS, Oceania OC and so on.

This number is going to be extremely important for the rest of your DV Lottery experience because your interview date will depend on that number. If it’s low you will have your interview in the beginning of the fiscal year, if it’s low you even have a chance you won’t have an interview at all.

Because every year they let more people win than visa’s are available. There are 50.000 visa’s available and 125.000 people win. They do this because a lot of people end up not claiming their green card or not passing the interview! Usually still everyone get’s a visa, but in 2014 it was the first year in 8 they fell short and had to stop early. So not everyone got their interview.

Unfortunately winning one year and not getting an interview does not help your chances next year. If your CN is high, and you worry you will get an interview, you can enter the new lottery even if you already won the one before.

To know if you CN is high or low you can look at the tables below and compare with last years. This will always be a guess, but  at least you have an idea.

Africa Asia Europe


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